Late-twenties North American female of Eastern European descent, sitting on a point at the intersection of science and technology.

Currently a "data science engineer" to assist development of a reproducible research platform.

Formerly a systems engineer of scientist-programmer communications at a computational biochemistry company, an exoplanet climate model investigator, a finance company software developer, and a physics and computer science student.

Weather-permittingly an enjoyer of hiking, tennis, frisbee, and (weather-independently) viola.

How did life originate?

What distinguishes "life" from "non-life" (viruses, etc.)?

How does consciousness arise from biological processes?

Can consciousness arise from programmable processes?

How will what we learn from Mars change what we know about Earth?

Is "technocracy" a feasible form of government?

How can we distribute resources more uniformly?

If utopia were possible, what would it look like?

Why are people so good at waiting in lines?

What role does geography play in culture?

How can empathy/open-mindedness be encouraged on a global scale?

Will access to "Big Data" add complexity and clutter to decision making processes?

What's more important to me: enjoying the day to day act of working; or enjoying the meaning that the work holds?

How can I substantially contribute to the body of human knowledge or help fundamentally change our reality?

Scientific Dystopia